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Frequent Questions

What is the best way to book ?

Either contact me via an ad and go through my screening process. Or Find me on Instagram. Go to my website linked in my bio and fill out my screening form .

Is my info ever saved?

I don’t have files full of men’s info . Once you have been verified there is no reason for me to keep or save any of ur info. I just make sure it’s safe for us to meet .

Do you provide outcalls?

Yes however I have ran into alot of time wasters . So the options I have are for you to either pick me up or Uber me preferably Uber .

What is your screening process?

There are serveal ways to screen with me . I will ask for your id when u arrive hopefully it will match my screening form and everything would be good . But there are several other ways to screen . You can email me and find out .

Can I bring anything to make out to more special. ?

I have all kinds of toys don’t bring that. I like roses,chocolate, peach Chardonnay, and lingerie. . It would be kind if you brought me something not a requirement.